Films by Sam Kolder

A collection of some of Sam’s best work including drone reel compilations,
creative storytelling, travel vlogs & client work.

KOLD - My Best Drone Clips 2019

A compilation i put together of some of my favorite  drone clips over the years!


Hey Tim - The Story of my Life.

6 months ago I began this project, and since then it has consumed every part of my being. The day I would click upload seemed like it was a million miles away. It feels weird knowing that it’s over. Never in my life have i put this much of myself into one project, but this one was special and I knew i had to give it my all. Collectively I’ve put well over 500 hours of focused editing into this video. I spent 3 weeks on a flipped sleep schedule where I would wake up after sunset and work throughout the night in complete isolation and go to sleep as the sun would rise. I made a lot of sacrifices to make this happen. If you guys want to support me and continue seeing more passion driven work please share and make sure to follow me on all my social channels!


KOLD - The Creative Process

They say amateurs find themselves waiting for inspiration to strike, while the pros get up and go to work. Whether it’s in the pre planning stages or post production, I would have to say that music is the single most powerful creative contributor to my work. It always influences the direction my projects take.


Exploring Indonesia - The Last Paradise

Back in July we had the opportunity to spend almost 2 weeks out in Raja Ampat and Derawan. This is the story of that adventure.


How I Filmed a Big Budget Commercial (On a Phone...)

Aristotle said “Pleasure in the Job, puts perfection in the work”. It was so freeing to take on a project like this with nothing but a few phones and the intention of having a good time with friends. Thats why I think this turned out to be one of my favourite videos to date. 🙂


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